10 Best Home Cleaning Bundles For Every Household

Whether you want to stock up on your home cleaning supplies or you are getting ready for a seasonal cleaning, the choice of cleaning products is huge.

10 Best Home Cleaning Bundles For Every Household

Luckily, there are some great cleaning bundles that cover all cleaning essentials for floor, kitchen and even bathroom.

In this guide, we look at ten of the best cleaning supplies bundles and how they can help you get your home sparkle quickly and easily.

How To Buy The Best Household Cleaner

From nontoxic and natural ingredients to all-purpose cleaners, here are some of the best household cleaning bundles that we like.

Grove Co. Essential Cleaner Concentrates Set

Suitable as a multi-purpose cleaner this set of cleaning concentrate can be used almost anywhere around the house.

It’s ideal as glass cleaner, tile cleaner and floor cleaner. It’s made with natural ingredients so you can use it around children and pets.


  • Organic and natural: The paraben-free and natural ingredients mean that this cleaning bundle is eco-friendly.
  • Suitable for all surfaces: This cleaning concentrate doesn’t just cover one surface but you can use it similar to a multi-purpose cleaner around the house (ideal for those with limited time to clean).
  • Easy to use: You just mix the right amount of cleaning concentrate with some warm water, and you are ready to clean.


  • Not unscented: While this environmentally friendly cleaner contains only 100% natural fragrance, it still has a slight scent.

You can buy the Grove Co. cleaner concentrate from the Grove Co. website and Target.

Stardrops The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff is one of the most popular cleaning products that can do almost anything but it’s particularly useful to remove stains.

You can even use it for your outdoors furniture and sensitive ceramic surfaces on your hob.

The Pink Stuff removes any grease and grime from surfaces, and it doesn’t leave any marks.


  • Versatile: The Pink Stuff is incredibly versatile, so you can use it almost anywhere around the house, from bathroom fittings to kitchen stoves.
  • Removes rust: This cleaning product does not just remove stains but it can also remove any rust, from your oven to other metal surfaces.
  • Cleans sensitive surfaces: Although you should try a little area of any sensitive surface first, customers found that it even cleans ceramic surfaces.


  • Difficult to apply: You will need to wear gloves when you apply The Pink Stuff as it can dry the skin of your hands.

You can find Stardrops pink cleaner on Stardrops website.

Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner Set

Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning set includes a cream cleaner for surfaces with tough stains, a glass cleaner to clean glass surfaces without streaks and a vinegar gel cleaner which is ideal for steel surfaces.


  • Safe for pets and children: This cleaner is environmentally friendly which makes it ideal for any households with pets and kids.
  • Cruelty-free: The brand doesn’t test its products on animals.
  • Great scent: Many customers love this honeysuckle scented cleaner which leaves a surface smelling fresh and clean.


  • Requires scrubbing: Some buyers noted that not all of the cleaners remove all the grease and dirt without scrubbing.

You can buy Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning set on mrsmeyers.com or grove.co.

Seedling By Grove Cleanup Kit

This handy cleaning kit includes Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner and strong and absorbent bamboo paper towels.

The everyday cleaner is ideal for removing any bathroom odors and kitchen spills. It has a light scent thanks to the natural essential oils.


  • Suitable for non-porous surfaces: You can use the cleaner in this kit for all surfaces, including porcelain, tile floors, bathroom fixtures, and countertops.
  • Ideal for quick spills: If you quickly need to wipe any kitchen or bathroom spills, this kit comes with both the cleaning solution and the paper towels.


  • Not unscented: While this environmentally friendly cleaner contains only 100% natural fragrance, it still has a slight scent.

You can get this natural cleaning kit from grove.co.

Fabulosa Disinfectant Spray

Fabulosa is a popular disinfectant that you can use throughout the house. It comes in a range of different scents, though lemon and lavender is excellent.


  • Removes odors: The strongly scented cleaning solution from Fabulosa removes any lingering odors on surfaces and makes your home smell fresh.
  • Inexpensive: Compared to other home cleaning products, Fabulosa disinfectant is relatively cheap.
  • Long-lasting scent: Many home cleaners only contain a mild fragrance. However, Fabulosa is strongly scented, so the fragrance lasts longer.


  • Not eco-friendly: Unfortunately, Fabulosa isn’t environmentally friendly which means it doesn’t contain 100% natural ingredients.

Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

This handy cleaning set comes with an all-purpose cleaner spray bottle and a refill bottle. It contains only plant-based ingredients that allow you to wipe surfaces sparkly clean.


  • No added dyes: This Better Life cleaner doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could damage any surfaces.
  • Different fragrances: The multi-purpose cleaner is available in a range of different fragrances, so you can choose what your home smells like.
  • Suitable for all surfaces: You can use the Better Life spray cleaner on almost all surfaces inside your home and outside.


  • Soapy: Some customers noted that the cleaner is foamy and soapy which may not be suitable for all cleaning.

You can find this all-purpose cleaning set on cleanhappens.com.

Dawn Platinum Powerwash Fresh Scent Bundle

This Platinum Powerfresh cleaning bundle from Dawn contains a handy spray bottle with a number of refill bottles.

You can simply spray a surface, wipe and rinse. This grease cleaner can be used directly on dishes that are heavily soiled.

Just let it sit for a few minutes and the grime will lift from the dish.


  • Lifts grease: Just spray this handy dish cleaner on your dishes and it lifts the grease off. No scrubbing is required.
  • Suitable for stainless steel: You can also use this kitchen cleaner on stainless steel pans and pots.
  • Reusable spray cap: Simply replace the spray cap from one bottle onto a refill bottle. This saves waste and you can carry on cleaning.


  • Wear gloves: You need to wear gloves with this cleaning product as it’s a powerful chemical.

You can buy this home cleaning bundle on advancedmixology.com.

Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Castile soap is traditionally made with Olive oil and you can use it for almost anything and everything around your home.


  • Eco-friendly: Castile soap is made with natural ingredients which makes it environmentally friendly.
  • Versatile: From washing the dishes to mopping your floors and even your laundry, Castile soap is a natural household cleaner.


  • Expensive: Compared to other household cleaning products, Dr. Bronner’s cleaning solution is a little more expensive.

You can buy Dr Bronner’s liquid Castile soap on Dr Bronner .

Clorox Cleaning Bundle

Clorox is a strong disinfectant that helps you kill all germs and bacteria on surfaces. You can use it on both hard and soft surfaces although it’s best to try a small area.


  • Reusable spray bottle: You can refill the spray bottle a number of times with the concentrated refill pods.
  • Suitable for all surfaces: You can use this cleaner for a range of different surfaces around your home.


  • Strong chemical: It’s best to work with gloves when you are using this cleaner as it contains harsh chemicals.

You can buy this strong cleaning solution at Walmart.

Tub O Towels TW90 Heavy-Duty Cleaning Wipes

These heavy-duty cleaning wipes cut through grease and grime on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


  • Large and strong: These wipes are extra strong and large, so you can clean a range of surfaces.
  • Gentle on skin: Although these cleaning wipes are strong, they are gentle on your skin.


  • Limited to wipes: With these wipes, you are limited to the size of the wipes and you will need to use more wipes to clean a heavily soiled surface.

You can find these heavy-duty wipes on 2daydeliver.

How To Choose The Right Household Cleaning Product

When you are shopping for house holding cleaning products, there are a few things you need to look out for.

Ease Of Use

You need to make sure that you can apply the cleaner easily and also remove it just as easily.

Depending on the type of cleaner, the cleaning product may come in a handy spray bottle which means you just spray the product on and then wipe it away.

Other products come in the form of a paste that you might need to apply.

It’s a good idea to wear gloves when you need to apply these products as they can dry your skin out.

Some also contain harsh chemicals which can cause skin irritations.


Not all cleaners do exactly what they advertise, so it’s important to check product reviews and recommendations to find out if your cleaning product is really efficient.

Most of the time, you will notice quite quickly when a cleaner doesn’t remove all the grime or grease or it leaves stains.


The prices of cleaning products vary widely but the most expensive cleaning products aren’t always the best, so make sure to read reviews on how efficient your product is.

It’s a good idea to get a cleaning bundle that you can use for multiple surfaces around your home.

Then you don’t have to buy individual products which saves you some cash.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your home with just a few cleaning products makes the job so much quicker, and it also saves you money as you don’t have to buy multiple products.

Shauna Stone