Best Multi-Surface Cleaning Powders You Have To Try!

Are you looking for a new multi-surface cleaning powder and aren’t sure where to start? Maybe yours isn’t cutting it anymore and you want a new one?

Best Multi-Surface Cleaning Powders You Have To Try!

No matter what your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

Multi-surface cleaning powders are fantastic! Not only do they keep your home clean, but they save you money, as they are so versatile and can be used across multiple surfaces.

But finding the best one can be tricky and you can find yourself overwhelmed, unable to clean your home and unsure what to do.

Well, no more! Today we are here with the best multi-surface cleaning powders you have to try and a brief guide to help you find the right one for you.

Let’s dive right into it and look at these powders now!

Comet Pine All Purpose Cleaner

First up we have this multi-surface and all-purpose cleaning powder from Comet!

The pine scent will leave your home smelling fresh while the powder gets to work busting through stains and grease!

The super affordable cleaner is extremely versatile too!

You can use it to remove mildew stains and soap scum on porcelain and stainless steel, cut through grease and food residue on your kitchen counters, and neutralize any smells in your toilet bowl.

That’s not bad for one canister!

The powder is safe to use on fiberglass, natural marble, porcelain, stainless steel, and glazed ceramic tile, so you can use it worry-free!

You can enjoy a clean kitchen and bathroom that is scratch free and smells like a forest!


  • Affordable – making it suitable for any budget
  • Deodorize smells – to leave your home smelling fresh
  • Cuts through stains and grease – to make cleaning your kitchen super easy!
  • Won’t scratch your surfaces – so you can use the cleaner with peace of mind


  • Isn’t suitable for wood or fabric surfaces

Bar Keepers Friend All-Purpose Cleanser And Polish

Next, we have this fantastic cleanser and polish from Bar Keepers Friend!

At a low price, the bleach-free formula is non-abrasive and is perfect for removing rust, tough stains, and mineral deposits!

The spray is unscented, which isn’t to everyone’s taste, but if you want a cleaner that gets the job done without your home smelling overly perfumed, this is the one for you!

You can use the polish on fiberglass, stainless steel, plastic, grout, marble, and tile too, giving you plenty of options!

Whether you are looking to clean your home, remove some rust, or freshen up your kitchen and bathroom, this is a cleaning powder you will want in your home!

It’s also super quick to use, as it does all the hard work for you, there’s no need for elbow grease with this cleaner!


  • Affordable – making it suitable for a range of budgets
  • Works with a range of surfaces – making it super versatile
  • Bleach free – so it won’t harm the surfaces or strip the color
  • Non-abrasive – you don’t need to worry about scratching your surfaces


  • Unscented powder

Ajax With Bleach

If you are looking for an effective and easy-to-use powder cleaner, this is the one for you!

Ajax with bleach features sodium carbonate and calcium making it super effective when removing scum, soap, and grime!

You won’t need another cleaner if you have this powder!

You can use Ajax with appliances, granite, marble, stainless steel, bathroom and shower, walls, floors, blinds, and even garden furniture!

It is one of the most versatile powders out there, and it won’t scratch any surfaces! Plus it has an easy rinse formula that allows you to clean quickly and effectively.

You are also left with a nice fresh scent that is sure to leave your home smelling wonderful!


  • Easy-to-use – means you can clean your home quickly
  • Versatile use – allows you to clean your home and outdoors with the powder!
  • Scratch-free formula – keeps your home and appliances looking new!
  • Fresh scent – removes odors and keeps your home smelling lovely


  • Contains bleach so won’t be suitable for every surface

Buying Multi-Surface Cleaning Powders

Now that we have looked at the best powder cleaners out there, let’s briefly discuss what you need to consider when purchasing a multi-surface cleaning powder.


First, you need to make sure the powder can be used with your surfaces. You can check this by reading the label to see what surfaces you can use it on.

Don’t use the powder on any surface that isn’t listed. The last thing you want is to scratch or damage your surface with a cleaning powder!

You can always test the powder on a small section of the surface too, preferably one out of sight to ensure that it won’t damage the surface before you clean the whole surface with it!

Typically powder cleaners are compatible with surfaces found in your bathroom or kitchen.


Always be sure to check the ingredients to determine if the cleaner is safe to use.

A lot of powder cleaners feature bleach, which can remove the color from surfaces. Be sure to check that it is suitable for your surface before using anything with bleach!

You will also want to wear protective gloves and/or eyewear when handling products with bleach to prevent any injuries.

Make sure you read the ingredient list carefully if you have any allergies to ensure the cleaner is safe for you to use.

Abrasive/Non Abrasive

When purchasing a cleaner, you will want to check if it is abrasive or not.

Abrasive cleaners can’t be used on certain surfaces as they can scratch and damage them. Don’t worry, it will say on the cleaner what surfaces it is suitable for.

However, to reduce the risk of damaging your surfaces, we recommend purchasing non-abrasive cleaners, like the ones included in our list today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you leave us today, check out our brief FAQ section to get your last-minute questions answered!

Is All-Purpose And Multi-Surface Cleaner The Same Thing?

No, there is a slight difference between all-purpose and multi-surface cleaners.

An all-surface cleaner will clean all the surfaces in your house and can be used to clean everything from your floor to your refrigerator. Multi-surface cleaners however will only clean a few surfaces, not all.

Typically they will clean surfaces found in your kitchen and bathroom, but you would need a different cleaner for your floors and wooden furnishings.

What Is A Powdered Cleaner?

Powder cleaners are usually mixed with water to make a paste that can be used in laundry or heavy-duty cleaning like removing soap scum, mildew, or tough stains from bathtubs, sinks, or ovens.

You can purchase these as abrasive or non-abrasive cleaners.

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