Deep Cleaning Checklist For An Immaculate Bedroom

Whether you spend several hours snoozing, curling up with a book, or just relaxing after a long day, your bedroom should be one of the cleanest spaces within your home.

Deep Cleaning Checklist For An Immaculate Bedroom

The recommended amount of sleep we should be getting each night is seven to eight hours a night. If you reach these guidelines, this equates to roughly a third of your life spent in the bedroom.

An unkempt bedroom can make it harder to relax and wind down, which also affects your quality of sleep.

Dusty surfaces can affect the air that you breathe, especially if you have allergies. Clutter and chaos can distract you from other responsibilities and may make you feel overwhelmed.

To help you out, we’ve put together a checklist to help you deep clean your bedroom. We’ve also listed a daily and weekly list of smaller bedroom cleaning tasks.

Doing these will help ensure that your bedroom never gets too out of control, and that you don’t have a huge mess to clean up later.

Keep reading to find our bedroom deep cleaning checklist!

How Frequently Should You Clean The Bedroom?

Some cleaning jobs should be done every day, while slightly larger cleaning jobs should be done every week.

The biggest deep cleaning jobs should be done either quarterly or monthly, depending on your circumstances.

Daily cleaning jobs are mainly easy tidying duties. Weekly cleaning ones involve cleaning and dusting raised surfaces, while deeper cleaning jobs cover anything else.

Here is a checklist of daily and weekly cleaning tasks so you don’t wake up to a bad smelling bedroom.

Daily Bedroom Cleaning Tasks

To maintain a tidy bedroom, take the time to do these simple jobs every day.

  • Put any dirty pieces of clothing in your laundry hamper
  • Make your bed and straighten any blankets or billows
  • Tidy any clutter from your dresser or nightstand
  • Tidy away any other things that are disorganized

These four jobs only take a small amount of time, but doing them daily will ensure that your bedroom stays in a presentable state.

When you eventually get to the deep cleaning jobs, you won’t have to deal with a huge mess, helping you feel less overwhelmed as a result.

Weekly Bedroom Cleaning Tasks

Deep Cleaning Checklist For An ImmaculateBedroom

Here are some bedroom cleaning jobs that should be done every week.

  • Vacuum or sweep the floor
  • Wash your bedsheets
  • Dust any furniture, including the bed, dresser, desk, and nightstand
  • Dust home decor pieces, like picture frames or accents
  • Clean glass pieces, like the mirror or top of your nightstand
  • Empty your trash bin
  • Spot clean any stains on the floor or carpet
  • Sanitize your light switches and door handles
  • Spot clean any stains on your bedding or pillows

Deep Cleaning Bedroom Checklist

Now that we’ve covered some of the lighter bedroom cleaning tasks, we can get into the deep cleaning checklist.

The prospect of deep cleaning any room in your home can make you feel overwhelmed.

However, as you spend around a third of your life in this room, the bedroom may be one of the most difficult rooms to clean as it is used the most.

This checklist will help simplify the deep cleaning process.

Begin by attending to anything that is visibly out of place, like clutter on your desk or clothes on the floor, then begin working through the checklist.

If you’re struggling to start, think about how welcoming your bedroom will feel afterward, or the good night’s sleep that you’ll love afterward.

1. Attend To Anything Out Of Place

Deep cleaning any room, not just the bedroom, begins with this step. Attend to the larger things that are disorganized or unseemly before you start deep cleaning.

For the bedroom, this involves the following:

  • Fill your hamper with dirty clothes
  • Put away and fold clean clothing
  • Put accessories and shoes in the wardrobe or shoe rack
  • Empty your trash bin
  • Move items from the nightstand top or dresser
  • Move and tidy any other things that are out of place

Your bedroom should look tidy once you’ve done the first step, so there shouldn’t be anything noticeable that needs to be cleaned or stored away.

2. Begin Decluttering

Decluttering is a very important step, as the smallest amount of clutter can make rooms look disheveled.

Here is a list of things you may want to attend to in the bedroom:

  • Dead batteries
  • Remote controls for things you don’t own anymore
  • Chargers for old things you don’t own anymore
  • Paper clutter in your drawer or nightstand
  • Worn out blankets, pillows, or sheets
  • Accessories or jewelry that you haven’t worn in a year
  • Shoes that you haven’t worn in a year
  • Worn-out or ill-fitting bras
  • Pantyhose with holes or rips
  • Socks with holes or no matching counterpart
  • Old or worn-out underwear
  • T-shirts you don’t wear anymore
  • Old or worn-out pajamas
  • Old or worn-out bathing suits
  • Free with purchase bags
  • Empty boxes
  • Hats you don’t wear anymore
  • Winter accessories, like scarves, hats, or gloves you didn’t wear last year
  • Clothing that you haven’t worn in a year
  • Shoes or clothes that don’t fit anymore
  • Stained or damaged clothing
  • Purses you don’t wear anymore
  • Luggage you don’t use
  • Old prescription eyewear
  • Puzzles or games with missing items or pieces
  • Candles that are nearly burnt out
  • Random clutter under the bed

Do take the time to declutter, as a clean bedroom can still look untidy if you have books falling off the nightstand or clothes falling out of the closet.

3. Clean Your Bedding

Once you’ve attended to the clutter, you can begin cleaning your bedroom.

You may want to start with washing your bedsheets first, as you can leave the washer running as you clean the rest of the bedroom.

Here are some tips that can help you clean your bedding and linens

Clean The Pillowcases and Sheets First

Checklist For An ImmaculateBedroom

Start by stripping your pillowcases and sheets from the bed, then put them in the washer so you can tidy the rest of the room.

The sheets will be the first thing that is put on the bed, so it’s a good idea to clean them first.

Wash Your Duvet Cover or Comforter

If your duvet or comforter is too thick to fit in the washing machine, try handwashing it in your bedroom.

Check the care guidelines attached to the bedding before you clean it, as they may require certain temperatures. Here’s a rough guide on how to wash your comforter by hand.

  • Fill your bathtub with around six inches of warm water. Once it’s nearly done, add laundry detergent near the faucet. The extra pressure will help the detergent mix through the tub.
  • Start rubbing different areas of the comforter together to wash it, maintaining gentle pressure.
  • Drain the bathtub.
  • Add another six inches of fresh water to the tub, then use it to rinse the detergent out of the comforter.
  • Drain the tub of water and refill again with the same amount of fresh water.

You need to make sure that the laundry detergent is fully removed from the comforter, so you might need to repeat the rinsing steps a few times. If you’re struggling, try rinsing the comforter in the shower.

Spot Cleaning Pillows and Throws

Upholstery cleaner works well at spot cleaning any stains from your throw pillows, but test on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure that the cleaner won’t harm the material.

Cleaning Drapes and Curtains

Machine wash-safe curtains can be washed in the washing machine. You can also dust the curtain rods and windows while they are washing.

If your drapes can’t be machine washed, use upholstery cleaner to spot clean them. Remember to test an area on the back of the curtains to make sure that the cleaner doesn’t stain the material.

4. Mattress Cleaning

Once your bedding is off the bed and being cleaned, you can then attend to the mattress.

All you need to do is cover the mattress with a light layer of baking soda, then leave for 15 minutes. Once the time is up, use the dusting brush attachment on your vacuum to clean the mattress.

Don’t use the regular rolling brush, as this may damage the fabric on the mattress. Concentrate on the edges and seams, as dust and dead skin cells can collect in these areas.

5. Clean The Bedroom Fixtures


Once you’ve cleaned your mattress and bedding, you can begin dusting the bedroom. Move any lamps, ornaments, and picture frames from the furniture before you start dusting.

A microfiber cloth and furniture polish work well for this (as do Swiffer dusters). Remember to clean the handles and sides of your nightstand and dresser, not just the surfaces.

Doors, Trim, And Walls

Many people forget about cleaning the trim and walls in a bedroom, but these can collect dust very easily.

Use a damp cloth with a solution of warm water and dish soap solution to wipe any visible first from the trim and walls. Don’t use too much dish soap, as this can leave a waxy residue on your walls.

Remember to line the floor with newspaper or lining to defend it against drips.

Dust Your Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fan Blades

Checklist For An Immaculate Bedroom

The ceiling fan and light fixtures can get very dusty, fast. Use a microfiber cloth and dusting spray to dust these items every few months.

Remember to change any faulty or worn-out light bulbs while you’re ahead.

6. Work On The Floor

Cleaning the floor should be one of the last steps on your checklist.

If you vacuum, mop, or sweep the floors before any of the jobs on your list, the dirt and dust from other items can fall onto your newly cleaned floorboards.

Remember these points while you are attending to the floor:

  • Roll any area rugs up and take them outside, shaking any dirt off of them. Use your vacuum to attend to the rugs outside before you take them back to the bedroom.
  • Remember to clean the areas behind your furniture and under the bed. Dirt and dust can easily accumulate in these areas.
  • Spot clean any stains on your carpet or floorboards while you are deep cleaning the room.
  • Don’t forget about cleaning your baseboards and floor vent covers.

7. Finishing Touches

You’ve done all of the hard work, now it’s time for the last few touches. These finishing steps will make sure that your bedroom looks completely clean and smells amazing.

Here are the final jobs that you should attend to:

  • Use your freshly washed bedding to make the bed
  • Replace any worn-out lightbulbs
  • Replace any air filters
  • Spray a nice air freshener or scented spray in the bedroom
  • Take all of the unwanted shoes and clothing to a donation establishment

The Bottom Line

A clean and tidy bedroom doesn’t just look nice, it can affect the quality of sleep that you get!

Perform the jobs on this deep cleaning checklist every few months to avoid bedroom mess becoming out of hand.

Once you’ve finished the checklist, go over it one more time to make sure that you haven’t missed out on any steps.

Make sure that you perform the jobs on the daily and weekly cleaning checklist, as this will prevent a larger mess from building up over time.

Once you’ve done all of the tasks on the deep cleaning checklist, you can then appreciate and relax in your newly clean bedroom!
Shauna Stone