How Should Your Shower Curtain Hang? (Inside Or Outside)

When you are hanging your shower curtain, there is a lot of debate surrounding how the shower curtain should hang.

How Should Your Shower Curtain Hang?

Some people think that it should hang outside of the bathtub, whereas others believe that it should hang inside the bathtub, but which way is correct?

The answer can depend on whether or not you have a curtain liner. A shower liner often goes inside the bathtub while the shower curtain hangs outside.

However, if you do not have a curtain liner, how should your shower curtain hang?

This article will explain more about how your shower curtain should hang so that you can find out what the best way is.

Find out more below to ensure that you take good care of your bathroom items and that your shower curtain is hanging properly.

Should You Hang Your Shower Curtain Inside Or Outside The Bathtub?

How you hang your shower curtain can be mainly down to personal preference, as many people have differing opinions.

However, if you have a shower liner, your shower curtain should hang outside the bathtub while the curtain liner hangs inside.

Many people do not have a shower liner, so how they hang their shower curtain is up to them.

Some believe that it is more hygienic for the shower curtain to go outside the bathtub, but others believe that having the curtain inside the bathtub means that the curtain will never dry, resulting in the development of mold.

What’s The Difference Between A Shower Curtain And A Shower Liner?

A shower curtain is very common and is used in most homes that have their shower inside their bathtub.

Shower curtains are often made from plastic and are used to cover the person who is showering so that they cannot be seen.

You cannot see through most shower curtains as they are used to give people privacy when washing.

If you are unfamiliar with what a shower liner looks like, it is very similar to a shower curtain in appearance, but you can see through it.

It is often made from plastic but is a thinner material as it is only used to prevent water from spilling onto the floor and not to keep you covered when you are in the shower.

Should You Use Both A Shower Liner And A Shower Curtain?

You should have both a shower liner and a shower curtain in your bathroom. As a shower curtain is used to give people privacy, a shower liner should be used for keeping the water inside the bathtub.

Without a shower liner, most people prefer to have their shower curtains inside their bathtubs as they believe that this stops water from spilling onto the bathroom floor.

However, this means that your shower curtain cannot dry out, meaning that it becomes the perfect environment to grow mold and other bacteria.

How Should You Hang Your Shower Curtain And Shower Liner?

You should hang your shower curtain and shower liner on the same shower rings. This will help to keep them straight and to prevent water from spilling onto the bathroom floor.

If you hang them on separate rings, they will get tangled up, which can result in the shower curtain and liner ripping and water damage destroying your bathroom.

How Do You Keep A Shower Liner Secure?

How Should Your Shower Curtain Hang

For some people, a shower liner can rise when you are showering, which can affect its purpose.

This can cause water from your shower to spill onto the floor as the shower liner will not be secure in its position, stopping the shower liner from doing its job.

To keep the shower liner secure, what can you use?

Use Heavyweight Liners

Heavyweight liners can be costly to purchase, but they are very effective at keeping your shower curtain in place.

As the shower liners are heavy, they do not move around inside the bathtub, meaning that the shower liner will stay secure in its position and prevent water from spilling onto the bathroom floor.

Shower Liners With Heavy Bottoms

These types of shower curtains are similar to heavyweight liners, but they are only heavy on the bottoms of the liners.

They are very beneficial for staying in place as the weighted bottoms do not get moved around in the shower, so the rest of the liner will stay in place as the bottom is weighted.

Install Shower Curtain Rods That Are Curved

Having curved shower curtain rods around your tub prevents the shower liners from moving as they keep them away from the water.

They will then easily stick to the shape of your tub so that they can continue to stop water from escaping outside of the shower. Your shower liner will be able to stay in the right position and will not rise.

Which Way Should You Hang A Shower Liner?

When it comes to hanging your shower liner, you need to make sure that it is the right way around.

Shower liners can look the same on both sides, but you need to find the side that is shinier than the other side.

This side of the shower liner should be facing towards the bath, and the duller side should be facing away from the bath.

The main reason that the shinier side of the shower liner should be facing toward the bathtub is that it is very effective at making sure that the water is deflected away from the floor.

This keeps the water inside the bathtub and stops it from spilling over the bathroom.

The duller side of the liner could scratch your skin when you are inside the shower, so hanging it this way is recommended.

What Length Should Your Shower Curtain Be?

As shower curtains are used purely for privacy, it is up to you how long you want yours to be. Some people prefer to have shorter shower curtains as this reduces the risk of mold.

They can also look more stylish and elegant in your bathroom, but they can make your bathroom look smaller than it is.

Longer shower curtains offer more privacy, which lots of people prefer.

The main reason that long shower curtains are popular is that they make your bathroom look bigger than it is, so they are very beneficial to smaller bathrooms.

It is up to you how long you want your shower curtain to be, but considering how much privacy you want when showering is important.

How Does Mold Form On Shower Curtains And Liners?

How Should Your Shower Curtain Hang

As shower curtains and liners are exposed to water daily, this makes them prone to developing mold.

Moisture is the perfect growing ground for mold, so keeping your bathroom dry and reducing the amount of moisture is important for preventing it.

However, to prevent mold on your shower curtain and liners, there are more precautions to take.

Keep The Shower Curtain And Liner Separate

Once you have showered, you will need to make sure that the shower curtain and liner are separate to allow them to dry properly.

If they stay together, they will not dry and will remain moist, making them more likely to grow mold.

If the curtain and liner stick together when you are showering, just separate them once you are finished.

You should also reposition the shower liner after you have showered so that it is outside of the bathtub.

If it remains inside, it will still be wet, so drape it over the other side of the bathtub to dry so that it will not develop mold.

Still keep the curtain and liner separate, but make sure that they are not touching anything damp.

Reduce Moisture In Your Bathroom

Keeping your whole bathroom dry is important when you are trying to prevent mold.

This means that you should keep windows open during and after you shower, hang up towels and mats to dry, clean up water on the floor, and squeegee the shower after you have finished.

Give The Bathroom A Deep Clean

Giving your bathroom a deep clean can prevent mold as you will be getting rid of other contaminated surfaces that could promote the growth of mold.

You will not only need to clean surfaces like the floor, sink, and bathtub, but you will also need to clean items like towels and bath mats.

Clean The Shower Curtain, Liner, And Rod

To stop your shower curtain and liner from developing mold, cleaning them regularly will ensure that they remain healthy and free from bacteria.

Cleaning the rod can also help to eliminate any bacteria spreading to the curtain and liner.

Once you have finished cleaning them, let them air dry to make sure that they are completely dry.

What Does Mold Look Like?

The best way to see if your shower curtain or liner has become affected by mold is to have a look at it.

The colors to look out for when looking for mold are grey, black, green, red, white, and blue.

The textures of mold to look out for are slimy, fuzzy, and powdery. This should then be dealt with as soon as you can.

If you find that there is a funny smell in your bathroom but you cannot find the cause, checking your shower curtain for mold is important as it is possibly the root cause.

If you cannot see any mold, smell the curtain to check if this is where the smell is coming from. You can then sort out the problem and get rid of the curtain and liner and replace them with new ones.

How To Get Rid Of Mold On Shower Curtains And Liners

When you discover mold on a shower curtain or liner, it is recommended that you throw them away and replace them with new ones.

You should also deep clean your bathroom to get rid of any traces of mold in the bathroom and give your new shower curtain a fresh start in your bathroom.

You should never use bleach on your shower curtain or liner as it cannot clear up all of the mold particles, resulting in dead mold.

Dead mold can also cause health problems, so it is advised that you throw your shower curtain and liner away as soon as you start seeing mold developing.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, you should hang your shower curtain so that it is outside of the bathtub. This will prevent mold and will also give you some privacy when you are using the shower.

You should then hang the shower liner inside the bathtub as it is used to keep water inside the bathtub and stop it from going on the floor.

You need to let the shower curtain and liner dry properly to prevent mold.

Keep them separate to stop them from sticking together, but keep the shower liner outside the bathtub after showering so that it does not touch wet surfaces.

Shauna Stone