Top Dish Soaps For Your Home

Having the right dish soap can make it so much easier for you to do your dishes.

Top Dish Soaps For Your Home

You want your dishes to come out sparkling clean, smudge free and hygienic every time.

There are so many different dish soaps available, but which ones will give you the results that you want?

We have put together this list of the best dish soaps to use in your home.

Whether you have a small budget, you want an environmentally friendly product, you need something antibacterial, or you prioritize performance, we will have the perfect dish soap for you on this list.

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1. Dawn Ultra Liquid Dish Detergent

This product promises up to 50% less scrubbing of your dishes thanks to its ability to cut through stuck on food and grease.

It is a concentrated detergent which can lean grease up to 3 times more efficiently than standard dish soap.

It also has a wonderfully fresh scent. You can use this dish detergent on glass, ceramics, enamel, fiberglass, metal and plastic.

2. Dawn EZ-Squeeze Platinum

This is another great dish soap on offer from Dawn.

The bottle is designed to make it easy to squeeze out the right amount of detergent, preventing waste and mess.

The platinum dish soap has a formula that is gentle on your skin yet tough on grease, breaking down the food residue so that you don’t have to stand over the sink and scrub your dirty dishes.

It has a refreshing smell of rainfall.

3. Seventh Generation Liquid Dish Soap

This eco-friendly dish soap uses a plant based formula that is cruelty free and contains no synthetic fragrance.

It has a scent of orange and lemongrass derived from essential oils and botanical extracts.

This dish soap is 100% biodegradable and the bottle is made from recycled plastic materials, so you can be sure that it is completely environmentally friendly.

It is also amazing at cutting through grease and grime, leaving even the dirtiest pots and pans shiny and clean.

4. Ajax Liquid Dish Soap

The bright color of the bottle is a clue to the scent of this particular dish soap – fragrant, zesty orange.

Not only does it cut through grease and stuck on food, it also eliminates odors to leave your dishes and your kitchen fresh and clean.

The ingredients are 100% biodegradable and the powerful formula is gentle on your skin, moisturizing your hands rather than drying them out.

It contains no phosphates or parabens.

5. Palmolive Liquid Dish Soap

This dish soap has multiple uses- it can also be used to clean your BBQ/grill, to pretreat your clothes before you launder them, or to clean your car.

It contains no parabens or phosphates and the formula is 100% biodegradable.

This means that it is gentle on your skin and on the earth, whilst being tough on grease. It can even cut through food that has been stuck on and left for 24 hours.

The antibacterial properties of this dish soap leave your hands clean and hygienic too (Also check out the Best Hand Sanitizers Suitable For Everyone).

6. Gain Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Soap

This dish soap has an exciting honeyberry hula scent that will leave your kitchen smelling fresh and sweet after you have done the dishes.

The powerful formula lifts grease away and cuts through stuck on food to leave your dishes clean without the need to scrub.

The bottle is recyclable too so make sure you don’t put it in the trash.

7. Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Liquid Dish Soap

You will love the delightful scent of apple blossom that is used to fragrance this dish soap. It makes a nice change from the usual citrus scents that are often used for dish soap.

The antibacterial formula not only leaves your dishes clean and sanitary, but is also ideal for keeping your hands free from bacteria.

The soap is able to cut through grease and stuck on food to remove the need for you to scrub away at your dishes.

8. Babygenics Foaming Dish and Bottle Soap

This dish soap foams as it comes out of the bottle, making it really easy to apply directly to the item that you want to clean or to your cleaning cloth.

It is unscented, free from phthalates and synthetic fragrances.

It is also cruelty free. You can use it to wash your dishes, and it is also safe to use for baby bottles and breast pump attachments.

It is non-allergenic and won’t irritate your skin. It is suitable for use on plastic, ceramics and glass. The push down dispenser is really convenient to use.

9. Elements Dishwashing Liquid Soap

This dish soap can also be used as a multi surface cleaner which makes it very versatile. It has a plant based formula which is free from dyes and synthetic fragrances.

It smells lemon fresh (thanks to essential oils) but uses the power of vinegar to cut through grease, grime, stains, and hard water spots.

It is called 9 elements because all of their products contain no more than 9 ingredients.

10. Up & Up Original Dish Soap

This is the perfect dish soap if you are on a budget as it is very affordable.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good quality dish soap that ticks all of the boxes.

It has a squeezy top which makes it easy to use the right amount, even when your hands are wet or you are wearing gloves.

It cuts through dirt and food and leaves behind a lovely, fresh scent.


Whether you are looking for a plant based dish soap that is eco-friendly, a dish soap that can be used on baby bottles, or a powerful dish soap that will cut through dried food, this list has you covered.

These are the best dish soaps that are available to buy, and they are suitable for people on a tighter budget, too.

Shauna Stone